A day in the life of ‘Ges”

If you want to slow down and escape modern life ‘Ges’ is the place to stay.



Sleep in a big dreamy cabin bed

“believe me you won’t want to get up”

Wake up to the sound of bird song and sunshine.

Take a picnic and explore the countryside.

“Sometimes a dream life really is this simple”

Relax in the tranquillity of ‘Ges’ and leave the world behind.

Glamping really is this dream like.

“Camping has never been so beautiful”

The magic of ‘Ges’ will stay with you  forever!

The no wi-fi and retro style takes you back in time to the simple life.

“Turn back time and feel the freedom”

Enjoy the simple pleasure of living, cooking and eating outside.

In the evening have a romantic meal on ‘Ges’s’ veranda,
watch the sunset and the moon and stars come out.

“Watch the sun go down, catch the stars and listen for owls”

On chilly days collect sticks, light the fire and have a cosy
evening …… letting the warmth of ‘Ges’ surround you.

Make a hot drink, snuggle down, let “Ges’s” beautiful interior warm you through.

Curl up in a soft blanket and just relax or lose yourself
in a favourite book or board game.

“Come fall in love with the simple life”